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                                                 CardMaster Fuel Controller    Plus                    Internet communications Module  

CardMaster offers the industries best value in fuel controllers, and the best options in communicating with remotely. 

Cardlock Vending is your low cost producer of CardMaster fleet fueling controls, device controls, and utility enclosures.  CardMaster was first introduced in 2001. Most of the 2001 units installed are still actively providing good service.  Today CardMaster continues to be the best value for control and accountability of fueling equipment, and access control, in the US, Canada, The Caribbean, and Central America.  CardMaster's product line is divided into several principal categories: Fleet Fueling for commercial and industrial sites, school districts, public works, and other government agencies; and device control for gate access, warehouse access, motorized devices, and other types of machinery.


  2 farm pumps            2 pump fleet         facility access      utility Enc     propane bulk plant

The CardMaster platform can provide security and accountability for unattended restroom doors, gate access, warehouse doors, RV dumps, fleet car washes, and trash compactors, other motorized devices.

Fleet Fueling provides control and accountability for private fleet fueling (non-retail), bulk plants - gasoline, diesel, and LPG, inventory management, and fleet car wash accountability. Cardlock Vending leads the industry as an innovator.  Please consider our new "Internet / Cellular" wireless communications product in the communications page; it has rapidly become the most popular option.

Communications explains the various options to poll usage data and remotely program CardMasters.

Reports provides information using CardMaster CM-HostCT software; with terminal remote programming functions, polling functions, and report generation.

Utility Enclosures provide a secure enclosure to house CardMaster for extremely cold climates, insulated & thermostatically heated.  Utility Enclosure can also be used with CardMaster to house our Internet/Cellular communications package.  Utility enclosures are often used to house tank gauge controllers on site, printers, and other devices  they can be supplied insulated with thermostatic control of cooling fans for very hot climates.

Accessories tells of some of the handy support items for installation of, and use of, CardMaster

Click on link for CardMaster features and capabilities document  CardMaster Features   

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