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Welcome. Cardlock Vending will be glad to supply you this library on CD upon request.  Please call 888-487-5040, or email to:  info@cardlockvending.com .  The files listed below are downloadable in Adobe Acrobat Reader® format at no charge.  If you need Acrobat Reader it is a free download from www.adobe.com

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CardMaster Brochure 2015 CardMaster product bulletin for 2015
CM Host4 2015 Introduction of CM Host4 2015
Card Ordering Specifications Card ordering form - required with orders for encoded cards
CardMaster Applications Features for Applications using CardMaster
CM install CardMaster Installation Manual
CM Programmers Manual CardMaster Programming Guide for Set Up and Operations
CM Host Manual CardMaster installation and operation manual for Host
CardTransPorter Application Guide for CardTransPorter functions of CM-Host
CM-RF.M set up CM-RF modem set up & programming
CM-LAN.M Installation and Programming for the Local Area Network Module (LAN)
CM GC-6 Install Manual CM-GC6 Installation and set up manual
CM solar power Solar power requirements, 12 vdc power supply

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