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Why construct a shed?  Your Utility Enclosure can be a secure place for telephone service, tank gauge monitors, journal printers, modems, and many other functions.


In harsh climates it can be insulated and heated to protect your CardMaster or other devices, as shown in above picture.


The Utility Enclosure is a sturdy steel box 20 x 20 x 20 with either an attractive blue powder coat finish, or white. The front door is on a piano hinge at the top, and optionally has a key lock for security.  It can be mounted on a 48 inch tall steel pedestal with a removable front access panel for access to electrical conduits.  The panel is secured by fasteners down each side. 


The Utility Enclosure is optionally available insulated and equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater for cold climates, and/or a thermostatically controlled fan to vent excessively warm air.


The basic model is CM-NUE, insulated and heated, and the pedestal is CM-TP.


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