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CM-TP 48" tall mounting pedestal
CM-CSP Short Pedestal for pump top mounting, mates to CardMaster, with hinged access panel.
CM-WM Wall Mounting angle bracket
CM-NUE CardMaster's new Utility Enclosure is a 20" x 20" powder coated steel enclosure, with a optional lockable front door.  The utility enclosure can house telephones, tank gauge consoles, and many other needs for an outdoor secure enclosure.  The CM-NUE normally is mounted on CardMaster's CM-TP pedestal. CardMaster's New Utility Enclosure is insulated and heated for extremely cold environments, and fan cooled by a thermostat control for excessively hot environments.
CM-VICM Internet/Cellular modem module, allows calling from your PC (s) automatically calls the cellular modem, and gives you full capabilities to retrieve information, configure CardMaster, and allows Cardlock Vending (and/or your local distributor / service company to help you with troubleshooting or training as needed.  Module installs between CardMaster and the 48" pedestal.
CM-VICAS Annual Data Service agreement for above Internet/Cellular program.
CM-VICM.M The optional modem multi-port, providing a total of five (5) ports, provides access for up to five (5) CardMasters (up to ten hoses on a single site).
CM-LAN.M Local Area Network module allowing CardMaster to be a "node" on the local area network.  CM-LAN is also Ethernet compatible. CM-LANM module mounts between the CardMaster and the 48" tall pedestal.
CM-RF.M Radio Frequency serial communications module, installs between CardMaster and the 48" tall pedestal, with receiver at building, requires serial wiring from receiver to PC location
CM-Cable 20 RF Ant Cable, 20', to extend RF antenna up a building wall for better RF signal
CM-CSUSB Cable, 30", RS232 db9m to USB, often required for laptops which only have USB and no longer have db9 serial ports. Used to poll CardMaster at the island with a laptop.

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