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Our newest software package, CM-Host4, was created to ease compatibility with Microsoft's rapidly changing operating systems which include XP, Vista, and Windows 7. CM-Host4 simplifies Internet connections (IP address), direct serial port connections, dial out telephone connections (if your PC has a dial out modem), and interfacing to our new Internet / Cellular service. CM-Host4 includes our CardTransPorter report package; providing reports in spreadsheet format.  Below are sample primary screens of CM-Host4.  Please go to our library section of this web site for a downloadable CM-Host4 product manual for a full understanding of the value of CM-Host4.

Report Sorting Criteria


    Sample report sorted by card/account number, totaled by card


Please call for more information:    Toll Free:  888-487-5040  Fax:  360-799-7194

Email:  sales@cardlockvending.com   

For installation release codes:  mailto:CM-Host4@cardlockvending.com